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My Favorite Free Plugins

Today most audio software comes with a package of sound packages, tools, and plugs at a level that does not embarrass any external packages of large and prestigious companies. In addition to my firm belief that sound and creativity do not come from utilities, these are still triggers and tools to help us achieve the results we want easily and conveniently.

Over the years, I have collected and met a variety of paid and free products. Despite all the abundance there is today from both free and non-free, I found myself recommending the same products to students and customers, so I made you a list of the best tools, plug-ins, and virtual instruments - all free.

I will divide them into 3 categories - utilities, virtual instruments, and plugins.

At the end of each product, I will mention the compatibility with Windows and Mac and the download link.


ADSR - Sample Manager

A library of sounds and samples.

You can insert your entire library of sounds and samples. The software will automatically catalog and divide the files conveniently for searching in a smart and customized way.

The software will also sample the BPM and scale of each file so that you can drag it directly into your DAW.

The software can also read, export, and work with MIDI files.

It is possible to buy a license and use sound libraries from the company if you do not have enough of the sounds you need.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Virtual Instruments

Steven Slate Drums

An excellent drum set from Slate Digital, also known as SSD 5.5

The free package comes with two sets with ready-made presets for fine sound and MIDI rhythms for various song parts such as verses, intro/outro, chorus, etc.

The package has a very fine sound with samples of the highest level available.

For those who want to get more than the free version offers, you can buy the full version or make a monthly subscription, and you will receive dozens more kits and thousands of different rhythms.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Spitfire Labs - LABS

A set of virtual tools from the well-known Spitfire Audio, with various high-quality tools.

In this package, you will get a variety of musical instruments such as strings, guitars, pianos, wind instruments, drums, percussion, synthesizers, and more.

The quantity and quality of the sounds are the highest, which is very impressive for a free package.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Spitfire - BBC Orchestra

Another impressive package from Spitfire Audio. They recorded and modeled the BBC Symphony with 33 different instruments (strings, wind instruments, woods, and percussion) differed in an orchestra of incredible sound quality, with an easy and comfortable interface.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


*Please note that you will need to click on the "Or Free" button located just below the "Add To Cart" button and register on the download page. The link to download the software will be sent to you within 30 days.

Native Instruments - Complete Start

A pampering package from the legendary Native Instruments.

You will get no less than 7 synths, 8 virtual instruments, 2 effects (including Guitar Rig that simulates amplifiers, effects, and guitar cabinets), and 3 more software to run the packages - Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, and Reaktor.

And yes, it's all free.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Sound Magic - Piano One

The Yamaha C7 piano, one of the most coveted pianos in the world, comes with lots of options for playing. It feels very good and dynamic, and most importantly, sounds great.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


* Please note that you need to sign up for the site's newsletter to get the download link.

Dexed - DX7

Emulation for the synth Yamaha DX7, which is considered one of the most famous in the world of synthesizers. You can hear it in a variety of hits from major coaches around the world such as - ah, Whitney Houston, Berlin, Queen, Dire Straits, Elton John, Europe, Depech Mode, and the list goes on (for those who are interested, attach a playlist to Spotify which is all early for songs starring the DX7 -


The instrument has easy interfaces with lots of options and is presets from the original synth alongside more modern sounds.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Ample Sound - Bass P Lite II, Guitar M Lite II

Two excellent instruments from Ample Sound - electric bass and acoustic guitar.

Both come with a very convenient interface to simulate as much as possible the real thing. There are various options for sound design and options to reach the level of detail of buzzing from the strings and fingers just like in the real instrument, and options to add pedals and amps.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -

Bass - https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=19

Acoustic Guitar - https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7

NoiseAsh - Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano

An electric organ based on the famous Fender Rhodes. For those unfamiliar, Fender Rhodes is one of the most recorded and sought-after organs in the world of blues, soul, jazz, country, and of course, today, it has reached every existing genre. It sound is very easy to recognize with a delicate and has a sexy texture.

The interface is light and easy to operate, with options for designing the sound in another menu that includes phaser, eq, and reverb.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Sampleson - CollaB3

The Hammond B3 organ, started its way in the church organ as a replacement for the organ. Since the 60s and 70s, it has also begun to be used in jazz, blues, rock, heavy rock, gospel, and more.

Its sound is very typical and not easy to sample. It special sound comes mainly from an external box called Leslie, built from a speaker and, at the same time 2 trumpets that rotate at a uniform rate to get an effect that can now be identified as a tremolo,

The interface is very easy and clear to use and comes with all the options there are like the real thing.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Plogue - Alter / Ego

Synthetic singing produces sounds by words or letters.

There is a super-wide range of options and sounds with several libraries and parameters, but the principle is very simple - you have to write a line in English of words, and the synth will direct them to you.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


VCV Rack - Eurorack Simulator

Emulator for Eurorac, one of the most interesting subject in the last decade.

Eurorac is a modular synthesizer that has gained momentum and popularity among sound people and keyboardists around the world.

The Eurorac is extremely interesting because it has almost no end to the possibilities that can be made. It is possible to connect nearly every unit in the chain to another unit and from it to another, and another and opens up the possibilities to create new and very special sounds.

There are about 37 different modules in the free package.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


* Please note that the software works on its own. It's not a VST or a virtual tool that can be opened through the software, but you can record the sounds, create and learn, and from there, take it to your projects.


Xfer - OTT

A very special multiband compressor from Xfer.

OTT are acronyms for "Over The Top," and as the name implies, the plug's action is mainly to work on the dynamic field and intensify the punch.

The plug-in started within Ableton software, especially in electronic music. Still, due to high demand among other software users, the company decided to release this plug-in in a universal version and for free.

OTT has three dynamic units that work together and cause most frequencies to weaken while the focus is on the low-frequency amplifier, so you will achieve great sound results, with many volumes and punch faster than any other plug on the market.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Tokyodawn - TDR Nova

A great surgical EQ, convenient, and easy to use. It can easily replace any other known branded's EQ today.

The Nova is a transparent EQ with four parameters, which gives a wide range of options to choose from and a dynamic equalizer intermediate, with the help of which you can compress specific frequencies.

In addition, the standard EQ parameter option offers a variety of shapes and gradients to correct and emphasize frequencies most conveniently.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Softube - Saturation Knob

Saturation Plug-in - a generator of harmony and soft distortion, simulates what happens when you push analog gear harder.

Today in the digital dimension, we lack a bit of the non-linear roughness of quality analog equipment.

Softube - one of the leading companies in the plugs market today, offers the above plug for free. It is very simple - one button will affect the saturation amount and three different sound circuits for a different color.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Izotope - Vocal Doubler

A free plug from Isotope will give you a natural doubling effect, adding richness and depth to singing, by unique technology and with a completely simple interactive user interface, in the easiest way to breathe life into singing channels. You can multiply by stereo separation or for human variation.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Meldaproduction - MAutoPitch

An automatic pitch repair or an autotune from MeldaProduction. Sounds great with some innovative and cool features.

MAutoPitch is simple but great designed for singing and other monophonic instruments and, in addition, also provides cool features like formatting and stereo expansion. Easy to use and free!

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


Plugin Alliance - Plugins Bundle

Plugin package from Plugin Alliance.

In the package, you will receive seven excellent plugs:

Brainworx bx_cleansweep - filter for cutting low or high frequencies

Elysia niveau filter - a very interesting single-parameter IQ, which when you select a frequency and raise it, the frequencies above it will be increased, and the frequencies below it will be lowered -

SPL Free Ranger (4-band EQ) - EQ from the good SPL company, which offers 4 very useful parameters that have been specially selected.

Brainworx bx_solo (Mid / Side tool w / Stereo widener) - Stereo expander with an option to work on stereo or mid-side

Schoeps Double MS (Decode Double MS tracks) - A plug for editing recordings in the form of Double M / S and allows you to create space in 360 degrees.

Brainworx bx_subfilter (low-end enhancer) - Harmony and subwoofer plugin.

Brainworx bx_rockrack V3 Player - Marshall JCM 800 style guitar amp

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


* To receive the package, you need to register on the site to download them all from the personal area.

Ignite Amps - Plugins Bundle

A package of plugs of the highest standard, especially for the audience of guitarists and bassists.

In the package, you will receive a unique and special variety of guitar and bass amps, cabin simulators, pedals, and an eq plug-in that simulates the legendary Pultec.

The company emphasizes originality, uniqueness, and trying to visualize the real thing with non-linear technology and sophisticated algorithms to give you the feel, behavior, and sound of real equipment.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download link -


* Scroll down to get links to the free downloads

TAL Software - Plugins Bundle And Synths

A plug-in package includes a synthesizer, chorus, reverb, vocoder, and filter.

Tal is an excellent company that makes plugs based on famous audio devices in a very successful way. One of the company's leading plugs is Roland's Juno, which has received quite a few awards.

In the free package, you will receive five plugs, of which the legendary chorus of Juno, Vocoder, and Synth.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download links -






HOFA - Plugins Bundle

A full package that includes 29 plugs such as Channel Strip, Premium Reverb, and effects -

IQ, Corus, Multi-Band IQ, Delay, Distortion, Plunger, Gate, EQ, Panning, Steer, Phaser, and more ...

All plugs are compatible with Mid-Side Processing (S / M) and Dual Mono.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download links -


Valhalla - Reverb. Delay, Modulator

3 plugs from Valhalla -

Freq Echo -

Eco Doubler - Pitch Shifter with special and interesting features, especially suitable for doubling effect.

Space Modulator -

A very interesting Flanger - Chorus effect and easy-to-use .

Super Massive -

Unique reverb and delay.

This plugin can combine 14 types of reverbs and special delays.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download links -




AudioModern - Filter Step

Rhythmic filter plug-in with rhythmic gating to cause movement and interesting and special rhythm, with complex and nuanced options based on different filter effect settings, with almost endless random possibilities by the cube button to inspire and create ideas.

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download links -


Klevgrand - Games Bundle

Game package instead of the plugs - open a channel and add the plug-in with the game you want and can play until the recording session ends :)

The installation is suitable for PC and MAC.

Download links -


* Open an account to download the package

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